Oil Traders Summer School is an excellent cross region representation and networking opportunity - Europe, CIS, Africa, Asia Pacific.

Programme Highlights:

  • How crude markets work. Global supply and demand. Target markets research
  • Key product markets overview. Quality, supply and demand, key supply routes
  • Physical trading in crude and product groups – globally and regionally
  • Feasibility plan/calculating the economics
  • Risk management in crude and product trading. Mastering risk management with futures, swaps and options.
  • Calculation of added value through blending
  • Trade finance arrangements
  • Nominations of agents and inspectors, confirmation of testing scope
  • Logistics of hydrocarbons trading. Rail and pipeline transport. Marine transportation and terminal throughput. Dealing with demurrage
  • Terminating/amending of the charter party due to cargo/vessel delays. Dealing with distress parcels
  • Legal aspects of international crude and product trading.
  • Trade finance